Plex Media Server Not Starting on CentOS 6

Today I updated my Plex Media Server, but it wouldn't restart! I didn't see any errors on the command-line or in any of the logs. It was silently failing with no hints to the problem.

I looked at the init script and tracked down how to manually attempt to start Plex. When starting it manually, I found it was giving an error of:

error while loading shared libraries:

Normally I would think I need to install an updated library, but some Google searches indicated this was actually a library provided by the Plex package. Indications were that it wasn't being found by the library cache and needed to included it. To help the system find the library on my CentOS 6 / el6 machine…

vi /etc/

and then add :


Save and close the file, and then run:

sudo ldconfig

This should update the shared library cache. You can now restart Plex with something like:

sudo /sbin/service plexmediaserver restart

Everything started up properly and is working great once again!

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