Avaya SoftConsole Crashes on Incoming Call

Today was a day filled with phone calls to Avaya Support regarding their SoftConsole application. The SoftConsole application is intended for a switchboard style view for a receptionist/attendant.

The receptionist was given a new computer with a fresh install of SoftConsole. Avaya Support was contacted, because the SoftConsole would crash and lock the computer everytime an inbound call was received.

After several hours of troubleshooting and debuging, it was discovered that the new machine had a built-in “HD Audio” interface. Apparently the SoftConsole is known to have issues with “HD Audio” soundcard interfaces. This seemed to be an odd problem, since we weren't using the soundcard in our implementation. We were using the “Telecommuter” option, which would forward the call to a specified extension at the desk.

The solution ended up being to disable the soundcard in the systems BIOS. The next step is to install a “plain” PCI soundcard for normal listening use.

Once I knew what the problem was, I began searching for knowledgebase articles regarding the problem. The closest information I found was regarding SoftPhone. Product Support Notice (PSN) 898U is titled: “Softphone audio wizard unable to tune PCs with High Definition Audio Sound Card”


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