Check VoiceMail Channels in use on Avaya Audix

The Avaya Audix VoiceMail system is fairly common in today's VoIP environments. I recently had a user report that they were unable to contact the Audix server. When the user tried dialing the Audix extension, it just kept ringing and ringing.

To check on the status of the channels in use, I used my browser to login to the server. I did the following:

– Opened a browser to http://audix-ip-address/
– Clicked on Continue
– Entered the “sa” username and clicked Login
– Entered the password and clicked Login
– Clicked on “Click here to view the entire menu”
– Under “System Configuration and Status” selected “Voice Channel Monitor”
– Clicked on Display
– The resulting page showed that a few of the channels were out-of-service. Once resetting the channels, I could see users rotating through all of the channels and getting to their voicemails.

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