Create a VLAN Trunk between Cisco IOS and a Foundry BigIron

I previously posted on how to “Create a VLAN Trunk between Cisco CatOS and a Foundry BigIron“. During the same project I also had to create a trunk between Cisco IOS and a Foundry BigIron. Anyone who has used both CatOS and IOS know that there is a significant difference in configuring them to do the same thing. I felt it made sense to keep these posts separate, to keep people from getting confused.

In this specific situation I had to find a way to trunk multiple vlans between a Cisco 3500 IOS and a Foundry BigIron switch.

Cisco IOS Configuration

Go to Enable mode
cswitch> enable

Go to Config mode
cswitch> config terminal

Change to Trunk Interface (i.e. Gigabit Port 0/2)
cswitch> interface GigabitEthernet0/2

Create Trunk
cswitch> switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
cswitch> switchport mode trunk

Add ports to VLAN 10
cswitch> interface FastEthernet0/1
cswitch> switchport access vlan 10

Save configuration
cswitch> end
cswitch> write mem

Foundry BigIron Configuration

Go to Enable mode
fswitch> enable

Go to Config Mode
fswitch> config terminal

Go to first VLAN you want to configure
fswitch> vlan 10

Add the trunk port (i.e. 1/1) to this VLAN
fswitch> tagged ethe 1/1

Add “host” ports to this VLAN (NOT ports that are being trunked)
fswitch> untagged ethe 4/1 to 4/20

Now go to the next VLAN
fswitch> vlan 20

Continue to add the “trunk” port as a “tagged” interface to each VLAN. Add “host” ports as “untagged” interfaces to each VLAN.

Save Configuration
fswitch> write mem

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