Find T1 Errors on an Avaya Definity

If you are having outbound call problems, it is recommended that you check your equipment before calling the phone carrier. It is likely that your phone carrier will try to blame your equipment, and you need to make sure you’ve done your homework. You can check the health of your T1 PRI on an Avaya Definity gateway by doing the following…

display trunk-group 1

On page 5, you should see something like:

Administered Members (min/max): 1/23
GROUP MEMBER ASSIGNMENTS Total Administered Members: 23
Port Code Sfx Name Night Sig Grp
1: 002V301 MM710 1
2: 002V302 MM710 1
3: 002V303 MM710 1
4: 002V304 MM710 1
5: 002V305 MM710 1
6: 002V306 MM710 1
7: 002V307 MM710 1
8: 002V308 MM710 1
9: 002V309 MM710 1
10: 002V310 MM710 1
11: 002V311 MM710 1
12: 002V312 MM710 1
13: 002V313 MM710 1
14: 002V314 MM710 1
15: 002V315 MM710 1

Note the port card name associated (i.e. 002V3) with the T1 you are concerned about. The last two numbers are the channels on the port.
Next we want to get a report of errors on that port.

list measurements ds1 summary 002V3

This should display something like:

Switch Name: TechSneeze Date: 4:35 pm WED JAN XX, 200X
Counted Since: 2:19 pm SAT JAN X, 200X
Valid 15-Minute Intervals in Last 24 Hours: 96
Seconds Elapsed In Current Interval: 871 ESF Error Events: 24
Test: none Pattern: none Synchronized: N/A
Loopback/Span Test Bit-Error Count: 0 Test Duration: 00:00:00
Worst 15-Minute Interval 24-Hour Current
Category Date Time Count Count Interval Count
Errored Seconds 01/22 16:35 0 0 0
Bursty Errored Seconds 01/22 16:35 0 0 0
Severely Errored Seconds 01/22 16:35 0 0 0
Unavailable/Failed Seconds 01/22 16:35 0 0 0
Controlled Slip Seconds 01/22 16:35 0 0 0
Loss Of Frame Count 01/22 16:35 0 0 0

If there are problems with your T1, you should see something other than a “0” in the different “Count” columns. If you don’t see any problems, than there is a good chance that your phone carrier is having problems with in their systems.

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