OSPF Issue with Nokia CheckPoint and Cisco 12.3

A Nokia CheckPoint Firewall was not receiving OSPF adjacency from a Cisco IOS 12.3 3640 Router. Apparently Cisco released a new feature in 12.3 (and 12.2T) that is ON by default… even though it is NEW. The feature is called, Link-Local Signalling (LLS). LLS confuses OSPF on the Nokia (even though it is RFC compliant) and is consequently rejected.

Go to enable mode.
router1> enable

Go to configuration terminal
router1> config t

Enter the router ospf configuration (use appropriate number)
router1> router ospf 100

Disable capability for Link-Local Signalling (LLS)
router1> no capability lls

Exit from the configuration terminal
router1> end

Save the new configuration
router1> write mem

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