Trace a Call to an Extension on an Avaya Definity

It is sometimes difficult to figure out why a certain call is being call is being routed a certain way, or behaving unexpectedly. As a troubleshooting step, it can be helpful to peform call traces.

To trace a call to extension 8383

list trace station 8383

Next you will want to call the above extension, so the data can be gathered. Eventually the output should look similar to:

time data
23:19:15 Calling party trunk-group 1 member 1 cid 0x13
23:19:15 Calling Number & Name 4085551234 NO-CPName
23:19:15 dial 8383
23:19:15 ring station 8383 cid 0x13
23:19:15 G711MU ss:off ps:20 rn:1/1
23:19:15 xoip: fax:PT modem:off tty:US uid:0xb9
VOIP data from:
23:19:27 Jitter:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0: Buff:8 WC:0 Avg:0
23:19:27 Pkloss:* * * * * * * * * *: Oofo:255 WC:0 Avg:0
23:19:35 no answer station 8383 cid 0x13
23:19:35 coverage-path 4 point 1 cid 0x13
23:19:35 G711MU ss:off ps:20 rn:1/1
23:19:35 xoip: fax:PT modem:off tty:US (igc)
23:19:35 xoip: fax:PT modem:off tty:US (igc)
23:19:35 G711MU ss:off ps:20 rn:1/1

Let’s try to explain the above information.
The first line tells us that the call came in from the outside, on trunk-group 1.
The second line gives us the caller-id of the call (4085551234).
The third line is obviously showing the extension dialed (8383).
The fourth line states that the station rang.
The fifth line lists the station (phone) IP address ( and then the gateway’s IP address(
The sixth line gives information regarding the protocol.
The seventh line shows that there was now jitter (0).
The eighth line shows now packet loss to the station (*).
The ninth line explains that no-one answered the station.
The tenth line says that it has gone to coverage-path 4 (voicemail in this case)

Hopefully this will help explain what is going on in the background of a call that you may be troubleshooting. You may discover that calls are going to the wrong coverage-path, being passed to the wrong vector, etc.

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